About me

First of all, please note that this is a simple website in the interests of information security. There are no .asp pages, no java, no php, no cgi. If you want flashy entertainment, I recommend that you instead exit to one of those huge corporate websites for your security needs. I just love the dichotomy of a security company that needs you to install a browser plugin to view their site.

My background:

Information Security: 26 years

Investigator: 13 years

Military Security: 13 years

College: Criminology

Veteran: US Navy, 12 years, Operations Specialist Chief Petty Officer; Texas State Guard, 4 years, Military Police, Chief Warrant Officer (CW3)

My certifications:

Linux Systems Administration

GCIA in progress


Houston/Galveston Texas metro area


Currently, happily employed  by a large agency

Please note that I'm not about to post my resume, or extensive details about me personally. Think about it – identity theft.

Serious inquiries can contact me at the email address "mark AT altsec.info”. Just substitute the “@” sign for the “ AT “ above.